April Erlanson
6:00 PM18:00

April Erlanson

I have had a deep connection with nature ever since I could remember. My name is April (born in September!) and I was raised on the Central Coast of California. My family home was located up in the hills, far from town. As a young girl, I was usually found barefoot in a dress and ankle deep in mud. Most of my time was spent outside catching lizards, collecting rocks, and admiring wildflowers.

I graduated from San Francisco State University in 2012 with a degree in Visual Communications and Design. After graduating, I bought a handful of one-way tickets, traveled around the world, and eventually landed back where my roots began, on the beautiful Central Coast.

The impermanence of flowers made me appreciate their short existence. How bittersweet it is to watch the colors and life slowly fade away. I strongly believe we are here on this earth to create, so I decided to create permanent pieces of art using nature as my medium. My art consists of dried native and naturalized flowers and plants that are sustainably collected throughout California. My goal is to preserve and honor Nature's beauty and essence. I hope you enjoy browsing!

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Adela Soo
7:00 PM19:00

Adela Soo

My love of nature, colors, and beauty was awakened during childhood whilst roaming barefoot in

the countryside of Romania. Early and recurring experiences ranging from watching my father

stomp grapes to make wine; witnessing Spring’s annual arrival; and gathering for family

dinners on the veranda to enjoy summer storms that produced majestic thunder and lightning

shows, filled me with wonder and sparked my imagination.


Growing up within a society consumed by communist ideals and traditions made it so that

individualism, artistry, and freedom of expression were not only discouraged, but punishable

offenses. Despite cultural limitations I was determined to find a way to speak my truth – to be

seen and connect with the people and the world around me. Without access to conventional

art supplies I turned towards nature and used the landscape’s boundless supplies of flowers,

twine, and sand to create images that both illustrated and conveyed my story- echoing my

calls for help.


This is how art became my voice.


Today I “speak” with acrylic paints, wherein I lay my raw reality upon the canvas with each

stroke of color- with an open heart that still desires to be seen and connect through artistic

narration. Finding my voice, through art, has saved me - for art is the key to unabated

expression and serves as reminder that authenticity is the key to freedom.

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Nic Stover
to Feb 28

Nic Stover

Nic Stover was raised in the high mountains of Western Colorado on a single magazine subscription to National Geographic and only 5 TV channels where the only show the family regularly watched was Nature on PBS or the Tour De France. This is where his love for adventure, outdoors and travel took shape.

Nic is an entrepreneur at heart, having started several sustainability focused businesses and led others to periods of tremendous growth. His most recent business achievement was leading a solar company into the 3rd spot on the prestigious Inc. 500 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America.

His sense of adventure has taken him to the 5,000-meter glaciers of Ecuador and Mexico, through multi-day adventure races in Scotland and the US, down much of the Western Coast of Costa Rica in a 7-day running race, and on many other trips in the Western US.

Nic has a Bachelors of Science in Construction Management from Colorado State University and a MBA from Babson College. 

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Ursula Black and Jim apRoberts
to Jan 31

Ursula Black and Jim apRoberts

With their interactive exhibition of paintings and poems, Ursula Black and Jim apRoberts invite guests to step Between the Lines and share an open space of dialogue about a variety of timely (and timeless) issues related to the human experience. To preview the artists’ work, visit them on Instagram: @what_she_sees and @jimaproberts.

Opening night: January 4th, 6-9 pm (Art After Dark)

Closing night: January 26th, 6-9 pm (with live music by the Sean Sullivan Trio)

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Tracy Taylor and Friends
to Sep 30

Tracy Taylor and Friends

Tracy’s watercolors have been delighting collectors for over thirty years. Her luminous fishes and birds put her on the art world map, and her fruitful collaboration with Wyland yielded an amazing array of wonderful sea-life paintings that are enjoyed worldwide. Always productive, Tracy’s work has been featured in galleries and private collections. Lately, she’s been into Buddha’s, typewriters, and what she calls her “Love Letters”. Her colorful and enchanting watercolors have universal appeal. You can’t look at a Tracy Taylor painting and not want to smile. 

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to Jul 31


WB Eckert-bw.jpg

WB Eckert is a lifelong professional artist/ designer and photographer with diverse professional experience in a wide range of media from fine arts painting and printmaking to photography, the graphic arts, and three dimensional design. His current full time focus is on painting, with acrylics as his medium of choice.

His work is notable for his striking use of color, bold sweeping shapes and themes, and meditative atmosphere. He attended the University of California as a major in Fine Arts and has shown his work in the Central Coast area over many years. He shared a public working studio at Studios on the Park in Paso Robles and now, in addition to maintaining his own studio, teaches acrylic painting in classes held at the Paso Robles Art Association as well as private instruction. His work can be found in collections worldwide.

Born in Yonkers, New York, he has been resident of Southern California since 1955 and the California Central Coast since 1979, WB Eckert is very familiar with the rhythms and feel of the Pacific Coast and the wine region of the Central Coast area. He currently both resides and works in Paso Robles, CA.

Artist website: https://www.wbeckertstudio.com

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