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Adela Soo

My love of nature, colors, and beauty was awakened during childhood whilst roaming barefoot in

the countryside of Romania. Early and recurring experiences ranging from watching my father

stomp grapes to make wine; witnessing Spring’s annual arrival; and gathering for family

dinners on the veranda to enjoy summer storms that produced majestic thunder and lightning

shows, filled me with wonder and sparked my imagination.


Growing up within a society consumed by communist ideals and traditions made it so that

individualism, artistry, and freedom of expression were not only discouraged, but punishable

offenses. Despite cultural limitations I was determined to find a way to speak my truth – to be

seen and connect with the people and the world around me. Without access to conventional

art supplies I turned towards nature and used the landscape’s boundless supplies of flowers,

twine, and sand to create images that both illustrated and conveyed my story- echoing my

calls for help.


This is how art became my voice.


Today I “speak” with acrylic paints, wherein I lay my raw reality upon the canvas with each

stroke of color- with an open heart that still desires to be seen and connect through artistic

narration. Finding my voice, through art, has saved me - for art is the key to unabated

expression and serves as reminder that authenticity is the key to freedom.

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